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votegreysout with 5 followers started this.

Congress out with the “old” in with the “new”

We are in 2011 and America is in desperate need of reform in our

countries lawmakers. We need new blood!!!! Fresh meat sharks with their

ears to the streets who know what the people need and want; especially the

young people (our future). The majority of the republicans are all senior

citizens who should be retired from congress. They should get out while

they can, just sitting taking up space with their rich pockets. Our

government needs new innovative ideas and strategies to make some real

change. This is a different time and things are more advanced and need

serious improvement. We have to open our eyes and start looking at whats

in front of us to see any results. Republicans would rather cut education,

unemployment and healthcare, for their own greed. Come on people stop

being blind to the deception. Just remember everybody’s robbing! Not just

the government, everyone has some type of hidden agenda. Do you think

Bush would have considered taking a tax increase? No, plain and simple. The

government wants any amount over $0.50 to be accounted for. They got the

nerve! Everything they’ve taken and have nothing to show for. Now they see

why the drug rate in the hoods are so high :) They don’t care about us, the

American People. We want someone who’s broke that wants something for

the broke people (lower income and middle). So while the republicans and

the government act like they’re doing something smart. Where do they think

the people are going to be when their families are starving? Sitting in their

livingrooms, waiting to take their things! It may be sad but it’s true. It’s like

Robin Hood ‘taking from the rich to give to the poor’ ."by any means

necessary" said by the great Malcolm X. I am taking my chances with Barack

Obama in controlling this country. Atleast he wants to help us progress and

doesnt have any personal gain. He has more to lose than all the past

presidents. He doesn’t come from a RICH family. Why would he do something

that is going to bite him in the ass when he’s a civilian. He has to worry about

his family and their future too. I must be the only one who sees the

republicans blatantly saying @#$% the American people to our faces on

national tv. Think of it as a slap every time we have to cut something to

keep their taxes. Barack Obama has tried to satisfy them by sacrificing cuts

he did not want to make. Enough with being nice, now it’s time to put the

pressure on. Although he is a great man trying to make some real change, he

can not do it alone.We the people, have to start standing up and talking. It’s

our turn to take this country back. It’s either now or never America. Our

actions will speak louder than words. So let’s do it now! We need to clean

house and get out all the grey. Then we’ll see change. So if your more than

1/2 grey you gotta go.

The American people have spoken!!!!!
votegreysout promised to do this 2011-11-24 01:57:02 UTC.

We need some new sharks in office to see real change.

Posted 2011-11-24 01:57:02 UTC

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2011-11-24 02:20:59 UTC
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